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Innovation meets positive change...

We're a socially-focussed company working to utilise technology for good. While we work to launch a new website and suite of applications, this site provides more information about who we are, our projects and the services we offer.

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In a world full of challenges and opportunities in equal measure, MIRROR AND MOUNTAIN (MM) strives to be the bridge that transforms ideas into tangible solutions.

Our first major project, MM Music, launched in early 2023 as a music platform designed to celebrate both the arts and the work of non-profit organisations. Ultimately, the founding idea behind the project was to place human creativity at the forefront of how we think about some of the world's most complex issues, from fighting poverty, to climate change and social inclusion.

Following a hugely positive reaction to MM Music, we have been inspired to broaden our approach to utilising technology alongside ideas foscussed on positive social change. As of 2024, MM now comprises two complimenting entities: MM C.I.C. and MM Digital.

As the founding organisation behind MM Music, MM C.I.C. is a strictly not-for-profit entity which develops technologies built upon innovative ideas. Across all of its projects, MM C.I.C. is focussed on combining modern and engaging platforms with philantropic goals and motives.

To power the projects led by MM C.I.C., and to offer our skillsets to others, MM Digital is a socially-focussed IT and Digital company specialising in designing technological solutions based upon our real-world knowledge and experience. Whether it's through consultancy, design or digtial training, MM Digital is here to work with clients and assist them in utilising technologies to their full potential.

While we work to launch our new suite of web-applications, you can learn more about all of MM's projects and services on this site. If you would like to get in touch and discuss an idea, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you!

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As the engine behind the platforms running under MM C.I.C., MM Digital aims to provide modern and high-quality IT and Digital services in collaboration with all of its clients. Our people are both knowledgable and experienced in a wide-range of areas including IT consultancy, Development, Business Analysis and Digital Training. Our appoach is always led by the needs of the client and aims to deliver the best and most appropriate solution in every context.


There's no question that the world is full of incredible technology. Whether it's innovations in AI, or the latest and greatest in software and infrastructure as-a-service. In every case, it's essential that technology is designed to serve and enable its end-users to reach their goals.

At MM Digital, we have experience in selecting technologies based upon their capabilities and their alignment to the unique requirements of each client and end-user. By combining our skills in systems architecture with real-life experience of working with technologies from suppliers such as Microsoft, Google and Salesforce, we are committed to providing a service that leaves the organisations we work with content that their technology is completely in-tune with their aspirations and ways of working.


As people who have worked inside organisations working to modernise their enabling technologies, we know that the process can often be challenging and even a little scary!

This is why we put a huge amount of emphasis on training, adoption and support across all of our projects. The successful implementation of any technology is dependant upon its end-users being confident and happy in using it. In our experience, achieving this can be made possible by offering a wide range of learning opportunities and resources, so that every user, regardless of their learner type, can gain the knowledge they need to feel empowered and able utilise the tools available to them.

Whether it's through group or 1:1 classroom sessions, remote training, or by designing a comprehensive library of digital materials, we are passionate about making sure our clients have what they need to get the most out of their technolgies. We're also passionate about ensuring no one is left behind. Through our relationship with We Are Digital, people at MM Digital are working to provide advice deliver Digital Skills and IT Literacy training in the community.

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We're passionate about ideas - especially those that challenge the norm and aim to create a better society. This why MM C.I.C. exists to be a completely not-for-profit entity that takes ideas and utilises technology to make them a reality. Our first major project, MM Music, launched in early 2023 and has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from both the music community and the chartiable beneficiaries it fundraises for. Going forward, we hope to build upon this concept and develop even more engaging platforms with foundations in philanthropy and positive change.


What started as an idea nearly 10 years ago became a reality in early 2023. MM Music is the first project published my MIRROR AND MOUNTAIN C.I.C: A community interest company aiming to support the arts and charitable causes through innovative platforms.

An introduction to MM Music V1; published in Jan 2023.

MM Music was officially launched in January 2023. Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown for the concept from both the music community and our charitable beneficiaries. At its core, MM Music is a music platform giving musicians the tools to upload, sell and distribute their music. What separates it from similar services is how it connects the creativity of artists to the creativity of organanisations working to tackle a range of societal issues. Rather than charging a fee, MM Music allows artists to donate between 5 and 100% of their income from music sales to a charitable fund.

In this way, MM Music is so much more than a music platform. It's a community of people who share a passion for the things that make us human: our creativity and our ability to solve problems and help others.

Throughout 2023, MM Music grew organically. By the end of the year, it hosted over 70 individual releases provided by some 25 artists; most of whom had discovered the platform through word of mouth and social media. In July 2023, MM Music made its first donation on behalf of those artists to Audio Active; a charity based in Brighton, UK working to support young musicians. By the end of the year, we were able to make additional donations to Indigo Volunteers, Stay Up Late and The LEAF Charity who are among the first charities to sign up and support the idea.

We are incredibly proud of what MM Music has achieved already and we know that with continued effort, it will continue to grow and become a strong alternative tool for musicians and fundraising alike. As of March 2024, we're excited to announce that development of a brand new version of the platform is underway. As a service that has always been driven by its foundational idea, we know there are lots of opportunities to improve its underlying technology. While we take some time to reflect and redesign, MM Music is temporarily unavailable; however, it will be back later in 2024 and better than ever. Keep an eye on this website and our social media profiles for updates.

We'd like to thank all the artists and organisations who have made MM Music possible. Without them, we would not be here celebrating its achievements and working to design a whole new iteration.

MM Learn

We're passionate about learning and we know that technology and learning are two concepts which go very much hand-in-hand. MM Learn is an evolving idea which we hope to bring to life later in 2024. At its core, MM Learn will be an open learning platform focussed on the contemporary needs of learners who need high-quality and effective opportunities learn in a blended model. Watch this space for more information!

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