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Music has been a passion for me for as long as I can remember. The concept of wanting to create music and knowing what you are doing has always been the shackles that have held me back. I learned the theory and the structures of classical music and have come to the conclusion that music is not about conforming to rules but more about how successfully break them!
I have influences from many sources, many of which were eureka moments, like the first time I heard ‘Mars Bringer of War’ from The Planets Suite in primary school, Yes live at Charlton, on the Old Grey Whistle Test in my early teens and Bjork on the Terry Wogan Show singing ‘Human Behaviour’ while bringing up a family and paying a mortgage. All of these and many others have added to the notion that music is not about hearing what you have heard before but hearing what you haven’t heard before but want to hear more of. So with that notion in mind I have launched myself headlong into releasing my musical endeavours for the world to hear.

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