General Terms and Conditions


The purpose of the terms provided on this page are to govern the responsibilities of users on this website (, any person who makes a purchase from our online shop (customers), and Mirror and Mountain in relation to them. If you are looking for our Terms and Conditions for artists publishing music on Mirror and Mountain, please visit this page.

Service Description
Through this website, Mirror and Mountain provides digital content including music, videos, images and written content, such as blog posts. Some content, including digital music, is available for sale through our online shop.

System Requirements
To use this website, users need a compatible device, internet access and appropriate software. Any responsibility to pay any fees and expenses associated with the use of and/or connection to the website using any of the above rests with the user. This website is built using technologies which may be incompatible with older devices or web browsers. When global standards and/or our underlying technology changes, we will aim to develop our website to keep it compatible with devices and software which support innovations in these areas. We cannot guarantee permanent compatibility with unsupported technologies.

Age Requirements
Users who register for a service provided by this website, including making a purchase from our online shop and signing up to our newsletter, must be at least 18 years of age. Users under this age must ask a parent or legal guardian to enter into these terms on their behalf before registering for a service or clicking ‘agree’ on the website’s checkout page.

Objectionable Content
When a user accesses this website and/or registers for a service provided by it, they acknowledge and understand that they may encounter content that may be deemed objectionable, indecent or offensive. Users agree that their use of the website and its services is at their own risk and agree that Mirror and Mountain is not liable for content that may be considered objectionable, indecent or offensive by them. Mirror and Mountain publishes its own ethical guidelines for artists who want to release music through its website and these are designed to exclude any content which may be in violation of them. Music which contains explicit content is highlighted as such with a ‘[E]‘ marker on release pages’ track lists. Visitors to this site listen to this material at their own discretion.

Account Information and Security
Users of this website may create an account if they wish; however, this is not mandatory for use. Users agree that they are responsible for maintaining any personal information stored in their account (e.g. their email address) and that Mirror and Mountain cannot be held responsible for keeping this information up to date for them. Additionally, users are advised to protect their accounts with strong passwords and to notify Mirror and Mountain immediately if they suspect that an unauthorised person or entity has accessed their account unlawfully. Mirror and Mountain reserves the right to remove a user’s account and delete any information stored in it if we deem the information to be incomplete, inaccurate or false. All personal information held by Mirror and Mountain is done so in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.

Users acknowledge that their use of this website shall be for personal use only. Users are only permitted to download, store or make copies of any available or purchased content for personal use. Users shall not attempt, assist or encourage the circumvention or modification of any part of the website or its services, including its security features, technology or software. Users acknowledge that their use of the website is provided on an `as is` basis and Mirror and Mountain reserves the right to alter its content or functionality at any time. They further acknowledge that any content provided on this website is subject to our copyright notice which is available here.

Users who choose to make a purchase from this website’s online shop agree to the following terms:

  • Agreement to pay: Users agree to pay Mirror and Mountain for any digital content or physical items purchased from our online shop. They further agree that Mirror and Mountain may charge the payment method designated by the user at the time of purchase and that this charge will include the amount due to Mirror and Mountain for the items purchased and any applicable taxes or fees. Users acknowledge that they are responsible for providing a valid payment method so that Mirror and Mountain can collect any payments due.
  • Right of refusal: Mirror and Mountain reserves the right to refuse users the sale of any content or the general use of our website and services for any reason.
  • Refunds: In principle, sales of digital goods (e.g. musical downloads) are final and non-refundable. However, Mirror and Mountain will refund users when a technical issue on our end makes the content unavailable and impossible to access for the user after purchase (unless the content has been removed from our service by an artist – see below). For more information about refunds in relation to physical goods, please visit our refunds page.
  • Availability of purchased digital products: Artists may remove their music from at any time. Consequently, Mirror and Mountain is unable to guarantee that purchased music downloads will be available to customers in perpetuity. Accordingly, Mirror and Mountain strongly advises customers to immediately download their music upon completing a purchase. The associated files will only be available for download in a customer’s account for as long as Mirror and Mountain is operating and the relevant artist keeps the relevant release(s) published. We cannot issue refunds for a customer’s failure to download their purchases within a reasonable time period after checkout.
  • Right to change prices and availability of content: Prices and the availability of any content are subject to change at any time. In the event of a price drop or promotional offer Mirror and Mountain does not offer refunds or price protection.
  • Sales. Mirror and Mountain sells content to end users only and not to any person, firm or company that has an intention to resell.
  • Taxes. It is the user’s responsibility to pay any governmental taxes imposed on their purchases (as applicable).
  • Electronic Signatures and contracts. In order to use this website and its services (including making purchases through the online shop) users should have the ability to enter into agreements and/or to make purchases via electronic means. Users acknowledge that any electronic submissions constitute their agreement and intent to be bound by such an agreement and to pay for any purchases made via such agreements.



  • Mirror and Mountain shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that users’ use of our website and services shall be uninterrupted and error free but we do not guarantee, warrant or represent that their use shall be uninterrupted and error free and users acknowledge and agree that Mirror and Mountain may from time to time and without notice suspend, remove or cancel specific services or the website as a whole for indefinite periods.
  • Mirror and Mountain shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the website is and will continue to be free from viruses, corruption, unauthorised access or security intrusions but users acknowledge that we have no liability in relation to such.
  • Mirror and Mountain is not responsible or liable for the content, functionality, accuracy and viability of any other website linked to from this website.
  • Mirror and Mountain reserves the right to modify, alter, change, amend, update, revise in any way whatsoever these terms. Such modifications, alterations, changes, amendments, updates and revisions shall be deemed immediately effective. Users’ continued use of this website and its services shall constitute their acceptance of any such modifications, alterations, changes, amendments, updates or revisions.
  • Mirror and Mountain reserves the right to remove user accounts for which the owner fails to abide by the terms set out on this page. In such cases, the user will lose access to this website via their account and any digital content they have purchased.