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17/03/23 - Posted by TMW

One of my favourite pieces of audio equipment is the TASCAM Porta 02. It’s a two-track cassette recorder and is a a lot of fun when you’re sketching loops or are after that beautiful ‘hiss’ and ‘hum’ synonymous with cassette tape.

11/03/23 - Posted by TMW

Horror film director, Keith R. Robinson, has recently launched an online video-comic series entitled ‘Comic Shock.’ I was lucky enough to be asked to provide some music for the show which is now streaming on Other Dimension Films’ YouTube Channel.

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100% of the income generated by music sales on MM is used to support the artist and their chosen charitable cause.

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Check out the latest additions to the MM apparel store. All of our products are made with certified organic fabrics and printed in the UK using a renewable energy powered factory.