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Let her go

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LET HER GO is a journey of release from the very black-and-white perspective I had of the world. I experienced some trauma and this prompted me to create change, but I had to learn to let go and allow myself that change. These songs explore the inner battles and consequent freedoms that ensued, and my hope is that it will speak to people in a way that nothing else can. It is okay to walk away when your life seems to be in a constant state of fight – you are loved, you can stand in the assurance that the discomfort of change will pass and you will grow into something new, and better.

01  Cut myself loose (Purchase Only)
02  Switch it off (Purchase Only)
03  Walk in the rain (Purchase Only)
04  Let her go (Preview)
05  Not today (Purchase Only)
06  You're in my head (Purchase Only)
07  Chance to change (Purchase Only)
08  Would it be okay (Purchase Only)
09  Rollerskates (Purchase Only)
10  Thunderstorm (Purchase Only)
10% of the income generated by this release will support Community Spirit: A fund comprising organisations which work to support a range of issues in their communities. Learn More.

Release Year: 2023
Genre: Pop

Credits: Music and lyrics by Elizabeth Sarah Thomas. Album cover artwork by Kerry Beall and Dan Thomas. Keys - James Beany Howard. Drums - Dominic Myers. Bass - Dominic Pallat. Backing vocals - Naomi Cole.

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