General FAQs

What is Mirror and Mountain?

Mirror and Mountain is an independent music platform. All proceeds from the sale of music on our site go to the artist and their chosen charitable fund. For more of our story, checkout our about page.

What kinds of charity does Mirror and Mountain support?

Our ‘funds’ comprise various organisations working in a particular area. This could be in fighting poverty, the environment and climate change, or in mental health, for example. This model allows artists to donate to a cause they care about rather than a specific organisation. Our funds’ member organisations can be found on the funds page here. If you work for a charity and are interested in joining Mirror and Mountain as a beneficiary, please get in touch!

Can any musician, group or band publish music on Mirror and Mountain?

Absolutely! We aren’t genre-specific. All we ask is that artists agree to our artist terms and conditions which state that all users of our website must be legally authorised to release any music they publish on the platform.

Beyond selling music, how else does Mirror and Mountain support artists and charitable organisations?

When an artist chooses to publish music on our platform, we do our utmost to work with them in a number of ways. This may include, for example, writing articles about them, publishing interviews or working together to create other forms of content which can be shared through our website and social channels. We really want to act as a promoter as much as an online distributor of music. We feel that this is what has often been missing from similar services. This approach also applies to our beneficiaries and we have a dedicated area on our website for articles relating to music as well as the organisations our artists are supporting. We encourage all artists to participate in our community and can do so by joining our Facebook group for artists here.

How does Mirror and Mountain make money/operate?

We don’t make any profit on the sale of music on our website. From the beginning, Mirror and Mountain was founded as a platform which aims to help make a difference through music. Accordingly, everything we do is designed to support our artists and charitable funds. To help cover the costs associated with running the platform, we are grateful to receive donations from anyone who wants to help. We also sell other products, such as apparel.

Why does my release need to be ‘approved’ before it is published?

We have an approval process in place for new music on our platform for two reasons: 1) It’s there to ensure music meets our content guidelines and that the artist publishing it has done so in accordance with our terms and conditions. 2) It provides an opportunity for a human-being at Mirror and Mountain to checkout the artist’s work and establish a line of communication with them so that we might work together on things like articles, interviews, podcasts and more. It’s really important to us that we get to know the people who are making Mirror and Mountain possible!

Can you tell me a bit about copyright?

Mirror and Mountain claims no copyright over any of our artists’ music. When an artist chooses to publish their music on our platform, they are simply giving us permission to sell and distribute it on their behalf. We don’t take any kind of fee for doing this and artists are free to remove their profile from the website at any time.

How do I buy music on Mirror and Mountain?

Check out our support article on purchasing here.

What happens if I delete my music from Mirror and Mountain?

Artists are free to remove their music from Mirror and Mountain at any time. When you do this, the release will become unavailable for purchase immediately. Customers should note that when they make a purchase, they are strongly encouraged to download their files straightaway. We cannot guarantee that the artist will keep their audio files available indefinitely.


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