Join one of our funds as a beneficiary

Our ‘funds‘ comprise charitable or not-for-profit organisations working in various thematic areas. These include – but are not limited to – areas such as fighting poverty, mental health, the environment and climate change. We welcome contact from any organisation that wishes to join one of our funds and receive donations from the sale of our artists’ music. Beyond this, we would love to work with all of our beneficiary organisations to tell their story through articles and other forms of media on our website and social networks.

How it works

After joining as a beneficiary, we will add your organisation to one of our ‘funds.’ Which one depends on what sort of work your organisation does. A profile for your organisation will be added to the fund’s page on our website and include a short description of the organisation’s work, a profile image and a link to your website.

When artists publish their music for sale on Mirror and Mountain, they can select which fund they would like to donate a percentage of the net proceeds to. When a sale is complete, the amount the artist has chosen to donate is added to the fund’s donation pot. For example, if an artist publishes an album for sale at £10.00 and chooses to donate 50%, we will divide the NET amount received (the amount we receive after paying a card processing fee) by two. Once a month, we will divide the amount in the pot by the number of member organisations in the fund and make payments to each one.

Typically, we set a payout threshold for each organisation so that we make payments once their accumulated donations have reached a defined amount (£100.00, for example). This means that we don’t need to send frequent very small donations and can work with your organisation to set a threshold that makes sense for your accounts.

Can artists choose to give to our organisation directly?

Currently, all of our beneficiaries are added to a relevant ‘fund’ and the artist donates at the fund level. Donations are then divided by the number of organisations in the fund once a month. We do this for a few reasons – in particular, we want to support a broad selection of charitable organisations and by using a ‘fund’ model we can be sure that lesser known organisations can benefit in the same way as those with a higher public profile.

What information do I need to provide to join?

To enquire about joining Mirror and Mountain as a beneficiary, please contact us. We will then respond to your message and typically arrange an online meeting to cover the details. We will require evidence that the person in contact with us is properly affiliated with the organisation. We also require all of our beneficiaries to be registered charities in the UK. When we’re ready to proceed, we will simply ask for a suitable profile picture and description of your organisation for our website and some payment information (bank details) to make payments to.

Can any organisation join?

Currently, all of our beneficiaries should be registered charities in the UK.

Further information

To make an enquiry about joining Mirror and Mountain as a beneficiary, please visit our contact page and send us a message. We will respond to you within a few days. If you’d like to view our existing funds, you can do so here.



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